#3 Creatives
Youtubers, Influencers, Writers, Crypto Social Media
People are able to make a career from making Youtube and social media brands focused on sectors of the blockchain Industry. Getting the word out is a large part of the crypto currency game. If you didn't know of the air drop or special event you might have missed out on a huge opportunity. Therefore it's important where you are getting your information from. Influencers play a big role, if you can build a following on a social media platform and then monetize this with a patreon or private telegram channel it can be pretty lucrative. Youtubers and Influnecers are both able to take sponsorships, donations, and can sometimes get cryptocurrency from a project for shouting that project out. Writers play an important role educating the public. There are many crypto publishing social sites like Steem, Uptrend, Medium, PublishX0. These sites reward popular writers with crypto currency for their writings. Many projects need a social media manager to operate pages on those publishing sites. Medium is one of the most respected crypto currency sites and if a cryptocurrency project doesn't have a medium that is not a good sign. Starting salaries are in the 30k to 50k range. Well established people in media can bring in over 100k a year salaries.